About us

Wouter Favejee…..Dear (new) Client, a warm welcome to Werknemerhelpdesk.nl™ or Employeehelpdesk.nl™. We hope that you are, or will be, inspired with our website, in which we have strived to explain what we stand for and how we are able to provide you with worry free Payroll and HR-administration compliancy and help you taking care of your employees.

My name is Wouter Favejee, founder and owner of Employeehelpdesk.nl™. After 16 years of Payroll and HR-administration experience, from administrative to (international project) management, I initiated a new, innovative and complete Payroll and HR-administration service. In below message you can read what drove me to start Employeehelpdesk.nl™. Should you have any questions, or wish to see our solutions through a demo, you can contact us at your convenience. We are looking forward to a fruitful partnership!…..


Did you know there are around 6.000 companies in the Netherlands that provide Payoll as a (part of their) service? How do you choose a businesspartner from this overwhelming supply of providers that truly fits your organisation? A business partner that really grasps the understanding of delivering an excellent service experience, is proactive in helping you focus on your core business and provides complete worry free Payroll and HR-admin outsourcing….?! At the same time, how does a Payroll and HR provider stand out in between of all these companies and especially through innovative and distinctive services in such a way that it brings even more value to a customer’s business?

The answer to this question is exactly what inspired the founder of Employeehelpdesk.nl™ to deliver a new and innovative Payroll and HR service experience. 

One that maintains just as good quality as any other provider, but enhances the service experience to the employees of her clients.

From within our DNA we believe in excellent service. That is service that makes you happy, and share with your colleagues or in your network. Not because you were asked to do so, but because you simply can not keep it to yourself. That is what we strive to be with great passion.

We also believe that Payroll and HR are in service of your employees. A proactive service with transparrent and relevant information provission. Facilitate, support and help your employees with important events. And simply provide attention to your employees on events that matters to them.

Not without reason we show a qoute on our homepage from Richard Branson:

Your employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients.

Employeehelpdesk.nl™ provides worry free Payroll and HR administration and passionately helps you taking care of your employees!